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Group Classes 

We are offering 90 minute classes for kids ages 4-13 taught by our in house occupational therapist, Jill Mizokawa. The program runs quarterly for 12 weeks and the groups are capped at an 8:1 ratio of children to therapist. Group classes are tailored for a specific age range and can have a theme including play based or school prep. These groups focus on the development of a variety of foundational skills for play through fun activities! These skills include:


  • Ideation for play (pretend play, cooperative play, turn taking, sensorimotor play)

  • Fine motor development (pre-academic skills like drawing, cutting, and small manipulatives)

  • Motor planning and gross motor coordination (including ball skills)

  • Emotional and body regulation

  • Following rules and the group plan

  • Sensory processing for attention and regulation

  • Conflict resolution

  • Theory of mind to understand our own ideas and others

  • Making abstract social skill concepts concrete


One-on-One OT

We are offering one-on-one occupational therapy for kids ages 4-13 with our licensed therapist, Jill Mizokawa. One-on-One therapy will allow your child to get the specialized instruction and individual attention needed. For those children enrolled at Tottini Discovery, this can be done in our early learning center classrooms, or in a separate room. After an initial assessment, your therapist will set goals and help your child work towards them in each session so they learn social cues, emotion regulation, and important behavioral fundamentals in and out of the classroom setting.



We are currently enrolling for group and individual therapy starting January 2017 on Mondays and Saturdays. Individual and group therapy can be once or twice a week. Please call us at 425-505-2794 for availability.


Group classes for a 12 week session is $1080 due by the first day of the quarterly session.

Individual therapy session are $90 an hour.

We do not accept insurance but can offer codes for you to submit to insurance for reimbursement.

*Prices are subject to change.

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