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Open Door Policy

We have an open door policy. Come visit anytime to see what your children are learning. If you'd like to volunteer, please let our staff know and we'd be happy to utilize your gifts, talents and time while giving you the valuable insights into how your child is developing.


Communication is the key. Our staff provides daily updates, pictures, and videos of your children via the ClassDojo app.  You will have insight on what your child is learning and doing each day. Our center also provides weekly email updates and monthly newsletters to keep you informed on what's going on at a higher level. We offer parent-teacher conferences twice a year. Of course we have an open-door policy and encourage parents to come talk to teachers or staff anytime.

On-Site Chef + Healthy Foods

Tottini Discovery has an on-site chef who prepares nutritious meals and snacks daily. We use natural wholesome ingredients  and serve organic milk with every meal. Your child will enjoy the nutritious food provided while you enjoy the convenience of an on-site chef!

**Menu options can be modified for most food allergies, intolerances, and preferences.



For siblings enrolled at Tottini Discovery, we offer a 10% discount off the oldest child's tuition.

We also honor a 5% Military discount and 5% off the total tuition for Passport corporate members. Discounts cannot be combined and do not apply for part time or school age.


If your child has a fever or any contagious illness, you will be asked to pick them up from the center and wait 24 hours after being symptom-free before returning. This is to ensure that your child receives the TLC they need and to prevent the spread of illness to other children in the center.


Cleanliness is very important to us. We have a janitorial staff that cleans nightly and ask all children and staff to wash their hands frequently so we minimize the spreading of germs and illnesses. We clean and sanitize tables after each use. We also have a school-shoe policy and ask that parents bring a clean pair of comfortable, easy to slip on shoes for the children to wear and leave at school.

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