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Leadership Team

Our team is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of Tottini Discovery to provide the best quality care and education for our children. Every decision we make has the children's best interest at heart and we are committed to partnering with our parents every step of the way. We encourage parents to come talk to any one of us at any time, our doors are always open. Our leadership team is very well rounded and not only strives to implement best practices throughout the center, but we also make it our mission to mentor and train our teachers, educate our parents, and ensure that we foster a loving and nurturing environment for our children to grow and learn center-wide.

Our Staff

Ashleigh Cho - Owner/Founder


Ashleigh saw the need for good quality care as she went through the preschool process for her own two sons. She had a vision for better quality care and education with smaller ratios of students to teacher, more active learning through life enrichment activities, an individualized approach specifically designed to stimulate children’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth, along with nutritious healthy meals and snacks. She believes in creating a great work environment where people are respected as professionals and compensated well to foster a committed work community that sticks together long term. It’s her mission to give back to the community by helping children in need get an education locally and internationally. This is how Tottini Discovery was born.

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