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What Parents Say

We are extremely happy with Tottini. We stayed there from 2018 to 2019 summer. The staff members and teachers are always warm and welcoming. I like how they give toddlers different sensory and art activities, outdoor time, and teach them disciplines in using examples and positive feedbacks. I attended several of the director's parent-educating sessions. The more I get to know about this facility's teaching philosophy, the more I am ensured about my choice. One thing I do notice is that this is a play-centered childcare facility. If you are expecting a lot of classroom hours or direct instruction from the teachers, you are very likely to be unhappy with them. However, if you believe in the power of play, give it a try.

Another thing I need to mention is they care about the health of the kids. They ALWAYS provide a variety of fresh, healthy food and snacks. This is not something I see at many of the daycares I toured, including expensive ones like BH or Bellevue Montessori. I deeply appreciate Tottini's efforts on work.


We have been with Tottini for the last 2 years and have been extremely happy. Great facility, location, & management. Fresh prepared meals. I have nothing but good things to say about the owner and director of the program. Very low teacher turn over... In fact, a handful have left, and then have come back within a few weeks  because they've been happier here. Everybody knows everyone's name. Teachers are encouraged to go back to school & do. We are greeted with smiles and feel right at home. Highly recommend.


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Why Tottini?


To provide a more tailored, individualized approach for your child’s educational goals. 

STRONG ACADEMICS Emergent curriculum  incorporating your child’s interests to foster active learning and engagement.


Recruit & retain highly qualified staff with excellent compensation to minimize turn over.


To expose the children to all kinds of learning, not just academics.


Healthy natural foods prepared by our chef.

Tottini has been great for our 2-3 year old son. The teachers and administration are very loving and my son has been consistently happy there (after not enjoying his time at two other centers we tried before coming here).

A few of the things that stand out for me:
* The administration and teachers were very caring in helping us with a slow transition into class when we initially enrolled.
* The owner and center director are very involved and hands on.
* There has been a low teacher turnover rate.
* The teachers and administration are very loving and caring.
* My son's been learning lots of new things that he wouldn't have been exposed to if he just stayed at home.
* My son eats and sleeps well there.

I have recommended Tottini to friends and am happy we found it!


I'm so glad I found the perfect daycare for my daughter. I'm so impressed with the staff here. This is my daughter's first time being out and taken care , her social behavior has improved so much over the last 6 months and I owe to the wonderful teachers in Tottini ! Highly recommend !


It was emotionally very difficult for me to return to work and put my five month old into full-time daycare. Three months later, I feel completely secure having him at Tottini. I can tell the owner really cares about all of the children and the staff at the school. The infant room teachers and all the other teachers who have filled in are experienced, warm, and loving.  I love getting to see photos of my baby through the ClassDojo app, which the teachers use to post updates and communicate to parents throughout the day. The center itself has all the benefits of being very clean and professionally run without feeling institutional like other daycares we toured.  I feel very fortunate that I could have my son get into Tottini, and I recommend it to others completely.


My daughter is 17 months old and it was time to place her into childcare. I visited 14 different schools and researched countless others before deciding on Tottini Discovery, and we love this place! It is such a cute, clean school near the Microsoft campus. While the facility and location are great, it was the healthy, organic, home cooked meals, activities and the high level of care from the teachers that made me select Tottini, and I'm so happy that I did. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tottini to anyone looking for childcare.

- AMY M.

We absolutely loved our experience at Tottini Discovery.  My son recently graduated Pre-K there. He attended Tottini a little over two years. He loved going to school everyday and especially loved his teacher. From the moment you walk in, you can tell that they strive for high quality child care. The center is extremely clean and tastefully decorated.They have a great balance of learning and playtime. They also pay attention to details that parents care about and appreciate. The entire time my son has attended Tottini, they have always maintained this high quality. My son has many food allergies and they always made accommodations with delicious and nutritious lunches. This was very much appreciated. All of the staff, management and the owner are friendly and very responsive.  We would highly recommend Tottini to anyone looking for a safe and fun place for their child to be well taken care of.


This is a very great and fun place and with really wonderful teachers. They are so kind, helpful, and gentle with my 3.5 year old girl. She loves it here and the teachers.  

They also provide breakfast, lunch and snacks which is really wonderful for me that I don't have to worry about packing food.  I work full time so this is a big plus for me. 

I recommend this place for anyone looking for childcare.


My 4 yrs old loves this pre-school, he joined this fun place since Sep 2018 and so far we feel happy for our choice. They have a lot classes and activities everyday, the classroom has a lot toys and clean. also they provide food so I don't have to prepare his lunch and snack every morning. My son told me he loves his teachers and I can see they do loves kids and taking care all kids with responsibility. 

The best part is school teacher will share the photos and videos through APP everyday, so I know what my son is doing and I can show him the photos everyday when he back home and share his daily life details together. not only indoor activities, sometimes they will take a short adventure to the store next to school or a supermarket nearby.

The owner Ms Ashleigh is very experienced and friendly, and most of the staff are helpful, I will recommend to people to take a tour and try Tottini Discovery.


My twins have been to Tottini for 13 months. They transitioned from infant to waddler to toddler classrooms. They were given good care in all the 3 classrooms and we are happy that we sent our kids to Tottini. My kids really enjoyed dancing in the studio. We had to stop day care for my kids last October end because of personal reasons. Based on our experience we recommend Tottini.


My child is there and she loves there. We relocated from VA and in the first-day morning, she was reluctant to go to Tottini and cried when I left. But when I picked her up in the afternoon, she was happy and from then, she would like to be there for whole time.


My son started a few months ago in early preschool and he loves his teachers and classroom. I've had nothing but great experiences with all the staff and appreciate that all the teachers there know all the kids and they help in different classrooms, so it feels like a family. We see Ashleigh the owner and Evan the most at drop off and pick up, and both are really friendly and answer all of my questions promptly. I have recommended Tottini to neighbors and colleagues, and am looking forward to having my youngest start there in the fall. I would definitely pick Tottini again, and highly recommend them!


Our daughter has since graduated from Tottini, but it was an absolute joy when she was there.  The teachers and staff are amazing and really look after the children.  Seeing them all grow together was wonderful.

- E S.

I waited a while to write this review because I was observing the sustainability and continuity of their quality. They managed to keep it, so here we go :

- Pretty interactive Teacher -Parent environment. We got all the answers to our questions on timely manner with the correct context.
- School management communicates the changes/information on timely manner and if you raise a problem/issue they really try to fix it and help you instead of just pushing back.  
- Food is organic and well served.
- Our daughter likes the environment and teachers as well. You can feel the positive energy of both Ms Taran and Ms Ja'Nhae for the toddler class. Kids love them and on can easily observe that they are caring and love the kids.
- Class Dojo , this is a brilliant application and I appreciate that Tottini is using it. 
- Facilities are well designed and there is enough space for all the kids.
-School and classes are very clean
- They care about the development of the children

We observed some very positive behavioral changes in our daughter like taking her plates to the kitchen after she finishes the meal. She just passed 2 years and she was throwing her food around the table most of the time and we were shocked when the first time we saw her doing this, she is more expressive and more social. 

I strongly recommend Tottini to any parent.

UPDATE : We terminated our daughter's attendance to the program. Commute between school and home became crazy and we were not able to continue to it anymore. School management was very helpful and transparent during this transition and we did not have any bad experience even in the termination process. All according to the book. Thank you for the great 14 months :)


My son has been in Tottini Discovery for four months now, and we absolutely love it! He is in the early preschool class, and he loves it from start. He has all kinds of activities throughout the day, and he is always happy and contented when we pick him up at the end of the day. He plays well and learns a lot. The teachers are very nice and patient. They send us updates with pictures and videos every now and then. And they even help us potty train! They also provide good food with organic and natural ingredients there. We feel very safe to have our son there :)


Pre site visit: We had excellent communication when we contacted the school.  The staff gave us all information and promptly invited us to view the school.

Site visit: We were warmly greeted by both the owner and director who were both so passionate about the school and the kids.  They were quick to point out they were a new school and still building out their curriculum.

School:  We have 2 kids in Tottini and they both love it! They have made really good friends with like minded kids and they teachers balance their days with a variety of mind developing activities and free play. They are taught independence and to work as a team. The centre is relatively new so the program is still being developed but they are very open to suggestions.  My kids come home and talk about all the things they learnt and ask really great questions and can't wait to go back to school. The teachers are amazing and caring and they keep the venue and my kids clean!  My kids have hardly gotten sick since being there which is unusual for nursery!

Monitoring: They use an online app to which the teachers post photos and you can communicate.  I would prefer live video feeds but hopefully they will upgrade soon.  But that's mainly so I can watch them have fun!

Going forward: I can honestly say I only see this place getting better!

- PB R.

The rest of the reviews have said it all already, but I have nothing but great things to say about Tottini.  I needed childcare for my daughter due to my other daughter's very full therapy schedule on top of school.  I'm with my kids full time so I didn't need "full time" care for her but I did need flexibility with drop off/pick up hours.  But most of all, I needed a supportive school where I knew my daughter would thrive (and have fun of course!) that would also support and understand our family and our needs.  Tottini welcomes and supports all kiddos including those who need a little extra help, and it shows with how loving and qualified the staff is.  
I could go on and on but as others have stated: they provide all the food for the kids, provide sensory projects and activities, outside time whenever possible, and the use of ClassDojo is pretty awesome.  It's always a nice feeling seeing a pic of my daughter with a huge smile on her face at school.  We live in Kirkland and could find a closer school to home but this place is well worth the drive.

Thanks Ashleigh, Jen and all the teachers and staff for making this school an amazing place.


Our daughter (17 months) has been going to Tottini Discovery for about 2.5 months and it has been great so far.  It didn't take her long to adjust and we love the small community feel Tottini has. You can walk into daycare and ask about any teacher about your child and they will know your child by name. 

Tottini serves every meal - Breakfast, Lunch, and two snacks. As a working mom, this is a lifesaver. I can't imagine having to prepare meals for her to take to school everyday.They serve healthy organic food and my daughter scarfs up every meal! 

I didn't think my daughter would nap there but she does! And they provide all the sheets and wash them so you do not have to worry about that.

The teachers at Tottini are great. They really love the kids and give me a detailed update on the day when I pick her up. They make the kids feel super comfortable and really cater to each kids needs.

The facility is really cute and clean. I like how the kids are not in one room the whole day. They have their main classroom (by age) and they also have a studio room where they do a couple activities a day. They also take the kids outside once a day. 

Overall, it has been an easy and smooth transition for my daughter and we couldn't be happier.


You will notice that they have been given a 5 star rating since they opened. That's because they are that awesome! Just about everything you can ask for is covered by Tottini Discovery: 

- Great, caring teachers. You can actually tell they care about your kid!
- Low student to teacher ratio.
- Facilities that cater to young minds (and that are clean and organized for adults).
- Curriculum that is appropriate for students in class (not just age specific).
- Online/app feedback through ClassDojo, that sends you pictures Instagram style of your child participating in activities. (WAY better than any other system, i.e. Tadpoles) You can actually SEE your child running around in the playground, painting their latest creation themselves, reading a book in the special nook created for them in each room, viewing the latest science experiment, and dancing up a storm during studio time.
- Responsive staff. Emails or text to director or owner are quickly responded to. Jenn and Ashleigh are wonderful to work with!
- Great hours, and if you are an early bird, you can count on the doors being open when you arrive, with friendly staff there to great you! (Had this problem a lot at other schools where they aren't ready at the start of the day. Derails your whole schedule if you are on a tight timeline.)
- On par tuition for the area (maybe even slightly less), and it includes a healthy breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks!

And best of all - Our 3 year old LOVES going to school! No more melt downs, and he made instant friends!


My daughter is 30 months old and is extremely happy at Tottini. Thanks to the Teachers and staff there, she has adapted fairly quickly and learned a huge deal in the past few months. The school is very clean, well-organized and spacious. 

I am very pleased with the great level of care & quality education this center provides! 

Strongly recommend Tottini Discovery to anyone looking for childcare.


We had moved to the area newly and none of the day cares had any opening and Tottini was starting new at that time. Hence we decided to give a try. Now we feel lucky for having found Tottini.
Ms. Ashleigh and Ms. Jenn are great leaders and very involved with every class and I always see them hands on assisting the teachers. We feel that they really care and super dedicated.
The center is clean, organized and they provide healthy organic meals.
They have very flexible  schedule options which is awesome.
They supported us and our 2 year old very well during the initial difficult days.
The teachers are friendly, active and involved.
They have a lot of age appropriate activities and help kids grow independent.
We love how they respect various cultures and try to help other kids learn about each others cultures Ex: Learning words of other languages and learn about various festivals.
Not to forget- parents receive pictures, videos of children everyday which is awesome!

To summarize we are very happy with tottti- they are a dedicated, organized, friendly, hardworking group.


It was so incredibly difficult to make the decision to place our daughter into childcare, but after 2 months at Tottini Discovery, we couldn't be any happier with our decision. After touring a number of different places, and actually being enrolled and ready to go at another place, we went with our gut feel and enrolled her at Tottini Discovery. Our experience so far has been amazing! The staff and teachers are definitely the top of the line; they genuinely care for our kids and go out of their way to make sure everything is taken care of. We love that they have a studio for the kids to explore, whether it be dance, basketball, or yoga, studio time is always the highlight of my daughter's day! She's excited to go to school everyday, which makes it so much easier on us parents. I highly recommend Tottini for anyone looking for childcare. Thanks Ashleigh and Jen for building such a wonderful center!


It is never easy to be apart from your children, but great places like Tottini Discovery make it so much easier!! My 2.5 year old has been here for a little over a month and his transition has been seamless due to the wonderful, caring teachers and staff here. They really put your mind at ease by giving daily reports, picture updates and communicating via Class Dojo. Tottini Discovery is very clean and organized with separate rooms decorated and geared for each age group. I highly recommend this place to any parents looking for great childcare and an awesome program for little ones!!


My son and I love this daycare! I would like to recommend this center for several reasons. First, this center is quite new, so everything is clean and new. Second, teachers are so caring and kind. I could see that they DO care of kids with love and attention. I could feel that they try hard to make a real attachment with kids. Third, they have good curriculum. My 2-year-old son sings, draws, runs, does yoga, and dances at the center. Last, you can see how your kids are doing at the center through an app (ClassDojo) that provides daily pictures and reports. Oh! And their healthy and organic meals are amazing. Highly recommended!

- SOU J.

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